Resolving Consumer Disputes Under the Dispute Resolution Process

  1. Initiation of Dispute Resolution Process
    1. A consumer may initiate a dispute resolution process before the Tribal Consumer Finance Department (the "Department") by submitting the following information in writing to the Department:
      1. Consumer name, address, phone number, e-mail address
      2. Lender name
      3. Date, account number and principal amount of loan, if any
      4. Amounts paid on the loan, if any
      5. Nature of dispute, and
      6. Requested relief
    2. The Department may provide a Dispute Resolution Request Form for use by consumers.
    3. The consumer may send the written submission to the Department by e-mail to or by US Mail to Otter Lending Dispute Resolution,P.O. Box 115, Crandon, WI 54520.
    4. The Department does not charge a fee for the processing of consumer disputes.
    5. The Department will send acknowledgement in writing to the consumer of its receipt of a complete submission or identify in writing to the consumer any missing information, within 72 hours of receipt of the consumer's submission.
    6. A consumer may not initiate a dispute resolution process as a class representative, a private attorney general, or in any other representative capacity, nor may a consumer participate as member of a class with respect to any dispute pursuant to this process.
  2. Initial Processing by Department: Investigation; Report; Determination and Recommended Resolution
    1. Upon receipt of complete submission, Department shall immediately undertake an investigation of the matter.
    2. The investigation may include any or all of the following:
      1. Examination of relevant documents
      2. Interview of witnesses and other persons possessing information relevant to the dispute
      3. Review of consumer's interactions with the Lender and/or related entities involved in the processing of loan applications and/or servicing of accounts
    3. The Department shall make its best effort to conclude the investigation within ten (10) days after its receipt of a complete submission or such other time frame as it may determine to be reasonable given the nature of the dispute.
    4. Once the investigation has been completed, the Department shall prepare a report that includes a determination regarding the dispute, including recommended resolution.
    5. The Department shall then provide written notice to the consumer and the Lender summarizing the Department's determination and recommendation and notifying the consumer.

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Otter Lending, Inc. is a Native American business owned and operated by the Tribe, a federally recognized sovereign Indian nation (the "Tribe") that adheres to federal consumer financial protection laws and operates within the boundaries of the Tribe's reservation. Otter Lending, Inc. abides by all applicable federal laws, regulations, and tribal law as established by the Tribe.

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